Mrs. Herder Returns 3/24

Friday would not be a good day to wear your nicest outfit. That's because we will start the day with a lesson from Mrs. Herder. Our time with Mrs. Herder is extremely valuable for students. She challenges them to think outside the box and always promotes creative student expression. That said, art can sometimes get pretty messy in the classroom. Some materials, like acrylic paint and india ink, may permanently stain fabrics too. So, if you just bought your child a brand new sweatshirt, Friday would be a bad day to wear it. Though we always try to minimize accidents, some days are a little more challenging.


Calling All Snacks

We could really use some more snacks. Goldfish crackers, chewy granola bars and veggie straws are a few of the more popular items. So far, we have managed to provide a snack nearly every day but we are currently down to only a couple days of pretzels. Many families have contributed already and we are grateful for their support. All donations are welcome but homemade items are discouraged. Thank you!


Guest Poet Tuesday 3/21

On Tuesday afternoon, Lorraine Ferra will be teaching a poetry lesson in our classroom. Lorraine lives in Port Townsend and is the author of A Crow Doesn't Need A Shadow: A Guide to Writing Poetry From Nature. She will be teaching students how to use uncommon verbs and adjectives between 1:40 pm - 2:40 pm.