Dress For Mess Friday 1/20

Friday would not be a good day to wear your nicest outfit. That's because we will start the day with a lesson from Mrs. Herder. Our time with Mrs. Herder is extremely valuable for students. She challenges them to think outside the box and always promotes creative student expression. That said, art can sometimes get pretty messy in the classroom. Some materials, like acrylic paint and india ink, may permanently stain fabrics too. So, if you just bought your child a brand new sweatshirt, Friday would be a bad day to wear it. Though we always try to minimize accidents, some days are a little more challenging.


Cardboard Needed

Do you have a pile of cardboard at home just waiting to be recycled? If so, please don't set it out on the curb or take it to the transfer station. We're launching Cardboard Challenge 2.0 this week, which is a creative science and math project inspired by the viral video "Caine's Arcade". 

Watch the video here>>

Over the next several weeks, students will be constructing cardboard arcade games with their third grade buddies. Then, later in February, we will host a "Day of Play" so students can play their games at school.

Unfortunately, students can't bring cardboard on the school bus. That means you will have to find another way to transport it. Ideally, we're looking for a variety of sizes and pieces that are still in decent shape. If the cardboard is soiled or damaged, it's better off being recycled rather than brought to school.

Thanks for your support!


Bay View On The Radio

Our Raspberry Pi Project was discussed on KGMI 790 over the weekend. If you'd like to listen to the podcast, you can download it here>>

What is a Raspberry Pi? It's a small, microcomputer. Students assembled them from kits and now they are using them to design websites for the Burlington Chamber of Commerce.

This project was funded by the nonprofit organization Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy (SAVE). Full disclosure: Mr. Hausman is a member of SAVE's Board of Directors.

For more information on SAVE, click here>>

For more information of Raspberry Pi's, click here>>


No School Monday 1/16

Burlington-Edison Schools will be closed to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 16. Regular operations resume Tuesday, January 17.