MAP Test Info

The Measures of Academic Progress, a.k.a. "MAP tests", are computer adaptive tests that help measure growth in the areas of reading and math. All fifth grade students in the Burlington-Edison School District take MAP tests in the September and then again during spring. While MAP tests often yield useful information, they do not capture every aspect of student learning that occurs over 180 days. Creativity, collaboration and citizenship are just a few of the skills that won't get measured by these tests. That's why it's important to view your child's test results as just one snapshot in an album full of experiences. 

It's also important to remember that skill development is not always linear. Though standards do give us goal posts to target, grade level benchmarks are merely aspirational. If your child does not rank at the 50th percentile or above by the end of fifth grade, it does not necessarily mean they are academically at risk. Individuals don't all learn at the same pace. If that were true, every child would begin walking at the exact same time. Sometimes,  academic gaps simply occur because of developmental differences between students born January and those born in September or October. However, regardless of your child's score, nobody's life is defined by their performance in elementary school.

In Mr. Hausman's class, students will take two MAP tests during the month of May. One will be a reading assessment and the other is focused on math. These spring tests provide a year summative score, which can be used to measure growth from the beginning of the year. For this reason, students who are absent on testing days, will need to complete the assessments in an alternate location. While it may seem duplicitous, the state required assessments don't allow for fall-spring comparisons. For this reason, most districts also require some type of local measurement. MAP is one of the more commonly used tools because it doesn't take a long time to administer.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Or, download the parent toolkit by clicking on the link below.

MAP Parent Toolkit>>


Science Make Up Day 4/26

If your fifth grade student was absent on Tuesday, April 24th, they missed the state required science test. In order to provide every student with the opportunity, make-up tests will be administered Thursday, April 26th. Students who are absent both days will still need to be tested before the end of the year.


Super Size Me

As  part of the fifth grade health curriculum, students will watch the movie Super Size Me. This movie provides the opportunity to learn about health and nutrition. Since it is rated PG, students were given opt-out forms last week. If you did not return the form, your child will be able to watch the movie as planned. If you would like to opt your child out and did not receive the form, please e-mail Mr. Hausman at thausman@be.wednet.edu as soon as possible.